German courses for medical staff

  • Technical German language course with a special focus on basic and nursing care
  • Aligns with the daily work routine of nursing staff in hospitals and in nursing care for the elderly
  • The language program "German for Medical Professionals" focuses on the anatomy and psychological conditions of a person, on diseases and therapies, but also includes intercultural training, patient presentation, case discussion and medical documentation.

German courses for doctors, who wish to work in Switzerland

  • This German language course focuses on the communication between the doctor and the patient, the doctor and the nursing staff as well as the communication between colleagues.
  • Targeted language training improves the integration of foreign doctors in Swiss hospitals and care facilities.
  • The patients benefit from this language course as well.



English courses for all professional staff wishing to better communicate with foreign patients

  • This English course focuses on the special communication situations between medical professionals and patients.
  • We pay particular attention to everyday nursing and medical topics and everyday situations.
  • We pay special attention to the cultural and individual communication difficulties of the patients.
  • Patients automatically feel more comfortable when they understand the staff and feel understood as well.
  • We offer English courses at the workplace or in private.

Additional offerings

  • Test preparation for TELC examinations*: German and English
  • Skype courses: German and English
  • Language courses for daily language use: German and English
  • Other languages and technical fields upon request


*The European Language Certificates TELC are part of an internationally recognized system of European language examination. Their guideline is the Common European Reference Framework for Languages from 2001, which is based on the Council of Europe’s initiative.

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