MedLing. The Language School for Medical ProfessionalsMedLing. The Language School for Medical ProfessionalsMedLing. The Language School for Medical Professionals


‪In a multilingual country like Switzerland communication is important. In the medical and healthcare sector it is vital and sometimes even life-saving.

As an employee in the care-giving and health sector you should understand your patients perfectly. And vice versa, the patients would expect that, as well. Misunderstandings are problematic in many professions. Especially in the medical field, miscommunication can result in serious consequences. Language competency is also required for filling out reports, forms and for those other administrative tasks that go along with the daily operation of a hospital or a care centre.

As a medical doctor or a highly qualified health professional, you are often dependent upon your precise knowledge of a foreign language to be able to consult with your colleagues. In no other profession does the exchange of experiences have such a great significance for your future career.

As the director of an institute it is a matter of great concern to you that your non-native speaker employees have the least communication hurdles and can fully develop their professional competence.

  • As MedLing language instructors, we have specialized in topics and communication skills that will improve your on-site linguistic competence and your overall performance.
  • We offer individual and micro-group English and German courses with a clear medical focus.

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Why choose MedLing?


  • Our lecturers are familiar with medical terminology and have years of experience as language experts.
  • We consider individual wishes and requests. The course topics and the exact course material will be assembled after thorough needs assessment and consultation with our customers. This allows us to customize for the appropriate work situations.




  • We know that in the hospital and care field time is the most important factor. This is why we teach at our course participants’ workplace, so there is no unnecessary loss of time for commuting.
  • No cost for rent and no expensive administration costs: Since you are in direct contact with us, we can guarantee attractive prices.